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Heuristics for optimization and learning |

Heuristics for optimization and learning

Livre | Yalaoui, Farouk (1972-....). Directeur de publication | Springer. Cham | 2021

This book is a new contribution aiming to give some last research findings in the field of optimization and computing. This work is in the same field target than our two previous books published: "Recent Developments in Metaheuris...

Sustainable Energy Transitions |

Sustainable Energy Transitions

Livre | Birkhäuser. Basel | 2020

Electrodynamics and optics |

Electrodynamics and optics

Livre | Demtröder, Wolfgang (1931-....). Auteur | Springer. Cham | C 2019

This engaging text offers an accessible and clear treatment of the fundamentals of electromagnetics and optics, a core part of the standard undergraduate physics curriculum. Starting with static electric and magnetic fields, the b...